With long-term investment strategy and clearly market segmentation, AQL is always aiming to serve every customer with the highest quality. Over the past 16 years, we have successfully organized more than 1,500 Teambuilding programs for multinational corporations, clients in oil petroleum, chemicals, technology, heavy industry, aviation, education, pharmaceuticals, finance & banking and non-governmental organizations, international organizations...


Jump High With Lotusmiles

"Chương trình Team Building Jump high with Lotusmiles đã thành công tốt đẹp! Thay mặt VNA, em cảm ơn chị và team AQL đã hỗ trợ tụi em hết mình, bất kể giờ giấc, đáp ứng mọi yêu cầu gấp gáp và thay đổi cho đến phút chót… Hẹn event sau chị nhé!” 

Ms. Bảo AnhSouthern Regional Office, Vietnam Airlines Corporation.




Very fun! It's a great time in Vietnam... 

Excellent Execution

Very good! The Build a bike program is very meaningful...

Very good! The Build a bike program is very meaningful...

The Amazing Race

National Sales Conferences

National Sales Conferences

Together We Win

“AQL đã tổ chức chương trình hết sức chuyên nghiệp, chương trình với theo trình tự rõ ràng, chủ động thay đổi phù hợp với diễn biến tình hình trên địa hình. Các bạn thể hiện tinh thần hỗ trợ khách hàng rất tốt, đạo cụ chuẩn bị tốt...” Mr. Ngô Minh Thành




Dear Ly, 
First of all, thanks very much for your great service of our NCM at Phu Quoc. We highly appreciate your effort for our Cycle meeting. It makes me impress about professional style of Team building game & good relationship with SG-PQ resort. We learn much from your services. 
Please say thanks to An, Duy, Chau & your team members for great effort ...  
Ha Uy Dung




We are very happy with the games. I'd like to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for Ms Chi, who has handled the session very well... I'm very impressed with the energy and commitment she has demonstrated in our show. Her English and capability to handle the group dynamic was excellent! 

My special thanks to An for his quick response and for the commitment…
Le Hoang Mai


The Leadership Challenges is great!