Build a bike

Charity Team Building | Build a bike

This engaging, fun, and fast moving charity based team building activity takes your team on a ride that results in a brand new bicycle, built by your team, being donated to a very deserving child or orphans from a local charity or community organisation.


Our Bike a Build program have helped many companies build children’s bicycles for charity. It’s a small challenge with a big outcome, does your company have what it takes to successfully build a bike worthy for orphans?



Improve team dynamic
Build relationship and team spirit
Community Engagement



30 - 500


2.5 - 4 hours



100 square m2 of open space.
The Build a bike can be indoors or outdoors – your office, a ballroom or a conference room. 
Venue Coordination: If the program is held outdoors, logistics and coordination with venue including plans to address variables (sun, rain etc.)



08:00 Ice-breaker
08:30 Mission 1 “Collect team’s kits”
09:00 Mission 2 “Build a bike”
10:00 Mission 3 “Race to school"
10:30 Donate bikes and helmets to children
11:00 Thank you



Annual event
Retreats and celebrations


We often partner with charities such as Làng Thiếu Niên Thủ Đức, FFD to make these dreams come true, but we’d be more than happy to partner with a local charity of your choice. We handle all coordination with the charity regarding the donation of the bikes and helmets. We make every attempt to have the charity representative and children present to receive the bikes at the conclusion of the program.


Do you want to make your charity event really a difference? Any for more information, please contact us via

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